Installation, 2009
Wolstenholme Project House, Liverpool, U.K. group Exhibition "Interzone"

“Still” is an installation which extends on all 3 floors of the exhibition space in the wolstenholme project house.

A piano string comes out of a drilled hole in the ground floor and continues its way through the 1st floor up to the 2nd floor, where the piece of string disappears in a hole again. The holes are at the same parallel spot on each floor, each of them has a width of 5cm. Through the holes you can see the other floors.

The string vibrates in different ways on each floor: A nervous, fast trembling on the ground floor, a calm swinging on the 1st floor and pulsating like a human vein on the 2nd floor. Standing close to the string you will hear a subtle sound, generated by its movement. One might say it extends beyond the building, like an infinite string. Or it could be a spine, holding the building together, trembling with effort.

Still Still Still Still