Video/Installation / Video Art, 2019
White Elephant, Municipal Gallery Berlin, Germany

“Fade” is an experimental Video in which the Protagonist lives at a unknown Place, surrounded by analogue Equipment. He captures himself through four Cameras on a rotating Platform centered in Space. The Video itself switches Perspective between these installed rotating Cameras; and an Objective one. A Line of Events occur until the Room becomes dark, and following Actions keep the Protagonist in an endless, variatonal Loop.

Or as a Visitor of the Exhibition wrote down; on a Piece of Paper: “The Protagonist obsessively continues a closed - repetition, willfully re - enacting a project of alignment. He removes a Camera of four, throws it in the water, hesitates and retrieves it for further rotations; trapping himself in a Kafka novel.”

with many Thanks to my Co - Producer and Protagonist of the Video, Steffen Neupert, and to Rocco Voigt & Jörn Rädisch (HB55), Thomas Monses, Valerie Leray and Andrzej Raszyk

Fade Fade Fade Fade Fade Fade Fade Fade Fade